If you watch any of your local volleyball matches for the first time, you will be surprised by the popularity of this sport and the enthusiasm in it. Many who played this sport in their childhood continue playing it through their lives. And some people even start volleyball in their adult years.

Did you know that almost every high school in the US has at least one volleyball team? Some surveys count 900 million volleyball fans worldwide. So what are the factors that bring so much popularity into volleyball? You can play all year round, indoors and outdoors, on hard surfaces or on sand. It’s an affordable sport, whether you play with your friends or play in the organized leagues. And here are a few more reasons why volleyball is so popular.

Easy to start
There are a few basic rules and skills to playing volleyball, and as long as you know these, you are good to start playing. Of course, you add skills, strategies, dimension, etc. into the game further down the road, but playing as a beginner is also a lot of fun!

All about teamwork
Any volleyball player will tell you that teamwork is the essence of volleyball and the reason why they love this sport so much. Working together as a team for a common goal can be a fun and rewarding experience.

A face paced, dynamic sport
Six people play closely on a 30’x 30’ square, and you have just a split second to make a decision on who gets the ball, who you need to pass to, and how you want to attack. Recognizing your ability - and that of your teammates and opponents - is an important factor before you make these quick decisions.

The comeback winning
The “It’s not over till it’s over” comeback wins are always sweet, and it’s always possible in volleyball. Momentum can shift many times in one match, and the team that holds the stronger spirit to the end usually gets the win.

It’s great fun, terrific sport, and the bonus is that you get involve with volleyball teams and players, and learn more about teamwork . . . which is important in so much of your life.