The Triathlon is considered one of the toughest sports of all, and without a doubt tests physical limits and dedication of its participants. However, the modern triathlon adopts variations in distances and sports that are included in the race to accommodate different physical abilities and skills of each individual.


There’s a wide variety in triathlon distances but these are most common types for Swim - Bike – Run:

  • Sprint Triathlon consists of 0.47 mi - 12 mi - 3.1 mi
    This distance is ideal for first-timers to get a taste of what a triathlon is all about, and helps them get ready to step up to next level.
  • Olympic Triathlon (International Triathlon) consists of 0.93 mi - 25 mi - 6.2 mi
    This distance is longer. Experienced triathletes mostly compete in this type to enhance their endurance and speed.
  • Half Ironman consists of consists of 1.2 mi - 56 mi - 13.1 mi
    This distance is a half of Ironman, but it still requires a long time commitment for training to complete this race. Its best-known event is the Ironman 70.3 World Championship
  • Ironman consists of consists of 2.4 mi - 112 mi - 26.2 mi
    It’s the ultimate test and the ultimate goal for serious triathletes. Its best-known event is the Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii

The distance described above can be varied for each race by the race organizer.


There is a wide variety in triathlon types for different sports included in race. These are common types:

  • Aquabike includes swimming and cycling.
  • Aquathlon includes swimming and running.
  • Duathlon includes cycling and running.
  • Cross Triathlon includes swimming, mountain biking and trail running. It is also known as XTERRA Triathlon.


Is it cold outside? Don’t worry. These are some races you can choose from:

  • Indoor Triathlon includes swimming in an indoor pool, cycling on stationary bikes, and running on an indoor track or treadmill.
  • Winter Triathlon includes cross-country skiing and mountain biking, or speed skating and running.


The Triathlon is mainly about pushing your limit and seeing how far you can you go. During the training for the race, having the right trainer and triathlon partners can help you keep on track and go extra miles in your journey.