Are you a runner? How about a swimmer or a cyclist? Have you ever thought about combining your special skill with a couple of others and signing up for a triathlon? The popularity of the triathlon has been consistently increased over the last few decades, so have the changes in demographics. The image of the triathlon has been changed from a young athletic male’s sport to everybody’s sport.


Whether your goal is to complete a race in your town or to be qualified for Kona, a triathlon is about challenging yourself and going through numerous endurance training. During this course, having a triathlon partner helps you stay on track, meet your goals, and achieve more than you could on your own.


Finding the right triathlon partners often requires some effort and patience. Joining a local triathlon club and meet other triathletes is always a good idea, or ask your coach if they know of anyone at your level. And our Triathlon Partners page is a great place to find your training partners. Try to find a  partner who is evenly matched and training for the same goals.


Like any other relationship, having a triathlon partner requires certain degrees of compromise. Here are a few tips to keep a good relationship with your partner:

  • Always be supportive and thoughtful to each other. The chances are that whatever you experience in the course of training, physically and emotionally, your partner has experienced as well.
  • Be genuinely happy for your partner’s accomplishments.
  • Balance the time for training alone and with partners, and focus on your weakness while you train alone.

Enjoy your training, it's challenging yet rewarding, and a triathlon partner can add more great memories to this journey.