So you set a workout goal, allocate the precious hours to do it in your busy schedule, and you’re about to become healthier, slimmer, and more energetic. Right? But how many times do you debate with yourself before you head out to the gym? Your couch probably never looked as cozy and warm as during this debate time.


Did you know that it’s easier to get out and pursue your fitness goal when you have a workout partner waiting for you outside? Workout partners play important roles for any workout/fitness plan. The main role of workout partners is to motivate each other and to help each other stay focused till they achieve their goals.


First, both partners should understand each other’s goal clearly to give the right support. Good workout partner should always do the following:

  • Be positive
  • Be reliable/accountable, which sets the long-term relationship
  • Make workout fun . . . something that you look forward to

Your workout partner is a supporter and a witness of your workout journey and success. Yet, finding the right workout partner is not an easy task for anybody.


Existing friends who know you well and have your trust can make great partners. You can turn your workout routines into a catch-up time with friends . . . people you would otherwise have gone months without seeing. Consider your coworkers who share similar workout interests as yours. Having similar schedules and locations is a big plus to work out together before/after work.