Do you have a running goal? Or is running a part of your everyday routine? There are many reasons for running: To get in better physical shape, to relieve stress, to have a sense of accomplishment…and for those reasons we try many ways to keep us on track for running.

Running is basically a solo sport. Many runners like to run by themselves, not wanting to get distracted and just preferring the time being alone. But there are some times that you just want someone to run next to you to chat with, to run more, or getting rid of the feeling of loneliness. Having a running partner can make your whole running experience more interesting and fun.

Here are the main benefits of running with partners:

Partners help to get you out
If you tend to procrastinate at physical activities, having a running partner is a big plus. People love how they feel after running, physically and mentally. But the challenging part for runners, particularly for most starting up runners, is putting their sneakers on and putting themselves on the road. It is more difficult making up excuses for running partners than doing it to yourself. Plus, with partners, running becomes a fun activity and something to look forward to.

You can make new friends
Reliable running partners are usually good friends outside of running. They are the friends who have a common interest, who understand your weaknesses and strengths, and who give you words of encouragement when you struggle. Running partners often lead you to a running community where you can meet more runners and swap training ideas.

Running with a partner is safer
There are fewer chances to encounter trouble when you run with a partner, especially for women running during nighttime. Also, it’s safer to try out new running routes at different times when you run with a partner. Your partner may know some different routes you have never tried before.