Is it cold outside with white snow is sprinkled everywhere? For an outdoor enthusiast like you, hibernation is not an option! Then try cross-country skiing, if you haven’t tried it yet. It’s a type of skiing where skiers use their own power to travel on relatively flat snow-covered trails, as compared to downhill skiing trails. Many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy cross-country skiing as a winter sport/activity, and here are some reasons for it:


You can be a part of a winter wonderland
A quiet snowy forest like a picture from a post card . . . how about you are in it and experience it yourself? You and your skiing partners will find amazing opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty around you, up and close.


You get full body workout
You get a low-impact cardiovascular workout and a full-body workout using various muscles (triceps, biceps, upper & lower back muscles, abdominal, quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, etc.). Some fitness equipment, e.g. elliptical, simulates the cross-country skiing workout effects, so you can keep in shape for those times you can get out and soar across those frosty fields!


No lines, no hassles
Without a doubt, alpine skiing is a fun and exciting sport. But it’s kind of hard to avoid large crowds and long waits to board lifts during a busy ski season. One of the beauties of cross-country skiing is that you spend more time skiing and exploring nature than waiting in lines.


It’s an affordable sport
It is definitely affordable. Most cross country skiing trails charge between $20-30 trail fee a day, and $20 for renting equipment. It’s far cheaper than alpine ski resort passes and rentals. And if you own equipment, you can find free trails to ski. Nice!