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Following the guidelines and rules outlined below will improve your experience considerably in our Activity Partners!

Be civilized
No personal attacks. Do not feel compelled to defend your honor in public. A difference of opinions is key to a growing and diverse community. Try to always respect one another's opinions. Posts containing personal attacks will be removed or result in a ban!


Identity crisis
When you look for an activity partner, let's be specific about location, available time, and skill level/experience.  Don't confuse the community with vague posts.


Private should stay private
Please do not post private information on our very public Activity Partners. Anything private should be handled through private messages.


Ignore spam
Spam posts are just a reality of our every day internet lives now. Please don't make it worse by replying to them! Simply report any spam posts. We will always make best effort to avoid you seeing spam posts, but sometimes they slip through the cracks.