We can think of plenty of reasons for cycling: it keeps you in shape, lets you enjoy the outdoors and release stress, is an environmentally friendly sport, and most importantly it gives us the great opportunities to make some good friends. Cycling is the most popular leisure sport in the US and its population keeps increasing every year. But before you set off, let’s run through the basics of road cycling safety that keep you safer on the road.


Be Prepared

• Plan your trips, check road conditions, rest stops, and local weather as much as possible.

• Check your gear: tire pressure, brakes, and lights. Install rear-view mirrors if you don’t have any. Bring along the mini repair kit.

• Bring replenishment: plenty of fluids and a few energy bars.

• Layer clothes in case of weather changes.


Be Seen

• Have the white headlight and red taillight on during sunrise, sunset, and nighttime (it’s the law), and use the lights in daytime to increase visibility.

• Wear bright or reflective clothing. Reflective clothing can make bicyclists more visible at night.

• Make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians.

• Signal clearly when you make turns or change lanes.

• Ride with a friend or in a group, if possible. Our cycling partner page helps you find friends to ride with.

• Do not stop at driver’s blind spots, at a traffic light, or at a stop sign.

• Get in the middle of the lane at busy intersections.


Be Aware & Be Cautious

• Always ride in the same direction as traffic.

• Watch for turning vehicles at junctions. Slow down, check the vehicles behind you, and make eye contact if possible. Drivers may try to pass you to make turns or maybe they simply can't see you. Wait until they make their moves: it’s better than getting hit by a vehicle.

• Ride in a straight line: do not swerve around cars.

• Do not ride along next to large vehicles.

• Keep a safe distance from the door opening zone of parked cars.

• Keep a safe distance from other cyclists in front of you.

• Avoid busy streets if you can.


Finally, remember that cyclists and drivers are equally entitled to use the road and equally responsible to follow the traffic rules. Ride decisively, always pay attention to your surroundings, and don't forget to ENJOY.