Looking for an enjoyable way to spend some time with friends while you can be stimulated and challenged at the same time? Pool (also known as Billiards/Pocket Billiards) is one of very few sports that requires less physical abilities than mental agility and concentration, and for that reason, anyone can play it at a competitive level regardless of their age or gender.


There have been many varieties of pool played in the course of its history in different regions of the world. Pool, the most commonly played Billiards game in the US, is a game played with one cue ball and 15 object balls on a table with 6 pockets. The objectives of the games are to pocket the balls.


Here are some basics to help you to take the first steps toward playing Pool:

Stance: A shooter's body position and posture during a shot. Comfortable and balanced is the key. Stand behind the shot, put your dominating side foot on the line of aim at a 45-degree angle, and place the other foot about shoulder width apart (distribute your body weight evenly).

Grip: The way in which a player holds the cue stick. Grip should be fairly loose and relaxed. Your lower arm and your wrist must be in a straight line and down to make a straight stroke.

Bridge: Player's hand or a mechanical bridge used to support the cue stick during a shot. Open and closed bridges are commonly used, though closed bridge allows more control over your shot and less movement in sideways. Whatever type of bridge is used, the bridge should be as sturdy as possible while you make a shot.

Strokes: The motion of the cue stick and the player's arm on a shot. An even and straight stroke is the key to a successful shot, which comes as the result of correct stance, grip, and bridge. Your cue stick should be relatively level when you strike the ball. Make sure to follow through on your shot.

Aiming: Using an imaginary line of the desired path where an object ball is to be sent to a pocket. Once you put your basic techniques down, the next step is learning how aiming works.


It is very easy to start playing Pool: you can literally start playing while you are learning the basics of game. It is a relatively inexpensive sport to play as well, averaging $8-10/hr in pool halls, and $1/person to play game in bars/restaurants. And the best part of this game? Whether you are an advanced player or a novice who just started learning the fundamentals, you will have a lot fun playing with good friends, Pool Partners!