runners at park

Sure, there are ways you and I can enjoy leisure activities alone. We can bike on quiet back roads alone or parachute off a plane alone, or even play tennis alone by hitting the balls against a wall ....nothing is wrong with doing fun activities all alone.

But you came to LeisureClique to meet new friends and share your fun-time activities with like-minded people. In order to do so, meeting your activity partners for the first time is inevitable. This can be delightful and exciting. But it requires some thought about safety before you begin. Here are some tips and reminders to keep you safe when you meet your activity partners for the first time and decide to share leisure activities together.

  1. Visit the LeisureClique User Page of the people who you are going to meet with and learn as much as you can about them by reading their Introduction and About. Also, find their posts in Activity Partners group they belong to. Making 'Connection' with people through LeisureClique for a certain period is a good way to get to know them before you meet them in person.
  2. Pick out a public place to meet and share activities together. Does this step sound too basic for you? No. Your safety means everything! Some outdoor/sports activities can lead into remote areas. Pick out places that you are familiar with, and plan for light and brief activities at the first meeting.
  3. Have a friend or family member informed of where you are going and whom you are meeting with.
  4. Keep your mobile phone handy during the activities, and if possible, fully charged before you start the activities. If your activities are water-related, have your phone waterproofed.
  5. Meet people in the Groups. Join or create the interest groups, meet friends and do activities with other group members. Always in groups.
  6. Bring your own means of transportation. Or meet where public transportation is available nearby, so you can leave whenever you wish to do so.
  7. Limit sharing your personal information until you know your friends well. And don’t ask personal questions at the first meeting. Share your leisure activities and get the most out them: that’s what LeisureClique is about!

If something doesn’t feel right, follow your instincts and leave the site right away. Then inform us of the details by going to that person’s User Page > Click the Moderate tab at the top of canvas image > Report User.