runners on a road

Did you know that running is the most basic form of exercise that makes you healthy and stay fit? It is the easiest exercise to start by yourself and the quickest to make progress. Good joint health, strong willpower, and a pair of running shoes are all it takes. You can also accelerate your performance in almost every other sport by running regularly. Here are some basic tips that help you to take the first step for running:


Start by walking for 30 minutes a day. Once you get comfortable with walking, introduce running between walking and gradually increase the running time. While you run, slow down and take walking breaks before you get too tired to continue. If you experience any unusual pain or severe exhaustion in the first few days, consult with your doctor to figure out if running is the right exercise for you.


Take a day’s break between runs. Running is a repetitive high-impact exercise that can cause many types of injuries for beginners whose bodies are not used to taking strong stress. Rest your body or cross-train with low impact exercises such as swimming or cycling on off-days.

Find safe routes to run. Always avoid remote places and never take any chances regarding your safety. Treadmill running is a good option during bad weather and all year round: mixing running outside with using a treadmill can also mean less boredom.


A good pair of running shoes is a must. Worn-out shoes are a leading cause of injury.

Warm up before running and stretch after running. Gently rotate/swing your joints, take lunges, walk or do some slow running. This can warm your body up for running.


Find running activities to motivate yourself. Sign up for a race (a 5K race is good for beginners), listen to music that makes you get up and go, or find a running partner so you can support and motivate each other. And most of all, try to have fun while you run!