a set golf clubs standing on green field

Interested in getting your first set of golf clubs? It’s an exciting process to get to know about the different types of clubs and to learn how to use them at the right times and places. Here are some basics about golf clubs that help you when purchasing your very first golf clubs.


Different types of golf clubs

  • Driver (also called the 1-Wood) & Fairway Woods are used to hit long distances down the fairway toward the hole.
  • Irons are used to hit mid-range distances of less than 200 yards. The closer you are to the green, the higher the iron number you will use.
  • Wedges are used to hit from sand bunkers and lift the ball very high in the air.
  • Putters are used to roll the ball along the green toward the golf hole.
  • Hybrids combine the features of woods and irons, are used to replace the lower-lofted irons such as the 2 or 3.


    • The higher the golf club number, the shorter the club shaft length.
    • The higher the golf club number, the higher the loft. Loft is the angle of the club face that controls trajectory and affects distance.

Players can carry up to 14 clubs according to USGA rules of golf. The common sets of clubs consist of a driver, a 3-wood, irons 3 through 9, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a putter, a hybrid, and one extra. However, beginners don’t really need to carry all 14 clubs. The very basic starters set can start from a driver, a 3-wood, odd numbered irons (3, 5, 7, and 9) and a putter, plus a bag to carry them in.


How do I put together a golf set?

As a beginner, the easiest way and probably the best way to get a set of golf clubs is buying an inexpensive complete starter set, new or used. Putting a set together yourself, as a beginner, can be a daunting task, and it’s more expensive. Also, most starter sets consist of the clubs that are more forgiving with large sweet spots for beginners.

Between steel shafts and graphite shafts, graphite shafts are recommended for beginners, although it’s a more expensive option. Why? Because they are lighter, which gives the extra boost needed in swing speed.


Make sure to try them out and see how they fit you before you make a decision. And it can be helpful to get some advice from your golf pro or your golf partners before the purchase, since they know your game and requirements in detail.