Why do you do yoga?

2 years 7 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #805 by A Porter
Why do you do yoga? was created by A Porter
Are you a passionate yogi, but started practicing yoga with some doubts? There are many scientific researches that have proven various benefits of practicing yoga, but we would like to hear stories from fellow yogis about the benefits they have experienced from yoga.

  • Has yoga really helped you relax your mind and body, and lower your anger or frustration?
  • Has yoga really helped on your health issues such as back pain, high blood pressure, or digestive problems?

What makes you so passionate about yoga?

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2 years 7 months ago #808 by Canan Akar
Replied by Canan Akar on topic Why do you do yoga?
Prior to practicing yoga, I was very judgmental about myself. I was constantly comparing myself to others and determining everything that they had that I simply didn't. I was much more aware of everyone else than I was of myself, and this caused me to not only wish I was more like other people but it also made me ignore the things that I have that others don't. I wasn't valuing myself and my unique footprint on this planet. Yoga and meditation helped me to not only realize this behavior but allowed me the space to let my hunger to be more like other people go. I'm much aware of myself, my body, my spirit, my mind, and my value.

Healthwise, it's helped me sleep better! I used to have a lot of difficulty going to sleep because my mind was always so cluttered. Now, I know how to let things go and truly relax.

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