Skiing? Sledding? Surfing? Or Skateboarding? Sound interesting? Then you may want to start Snowboarding, one of the most popular winter sports in the US. About 7 million people in the US participated last year. Snowboarding actually originated in a very humble way in the 1960s, by strapping two skis together for some kids, and in early 1980, it had become so popular that Stratton Mountain, Vermont opened its gates to snowboarders for the first time. Snowboarding (also known as “Snurfing”), is now considered an Olympic and Paralympic sport.

To prevent injuries, being in good overall physical condition is recommended for all levels of snowboarders, especially for beginners. Since turning and balancing are big parts of snowboarding, core strength training can be good preparation.

Here is a list of necessary gear that you need:

  • Snow Jacket
  • Snow Pants
  • Snowboard Boots
  • Snow Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Helmets
  • Snowboard. Renting a snowboard is a good idea for your first snowboarding adventure, but remember, a brand new board won’t prevent you from taking spills on your first day.
  • Bindings
  • Snowboard Leash

Begin to work on your stance: it determines how your bindings will be placed on the board. Drop a soccer ball and kick it, the foot you kick the ball with first is the foot you place at the back of the board. A Regular stance is putting your left foot in front, and a Goofy stance is putting your right foot in front.

Next, pick out a day after a good snowfall to head to the mountains. This makes your first snowboarding experience much better than starting it out on icy slopes. Taking a lesson or two is inevitable. No other method can come close to taking instructions while you stand on the board and move on top of snow.

A lot of falling and bruises are also inevitable. But don’t give up: it will all be downhill after the very first day. For the average person, it takes a week or two to get the basics down. Who knows, snowboarding may become the center of your activities and something to look forward to during the long winter season. Plus, with aprés snow sports, snowboarding has a big social side. You can make a lot of good snowboarding partners along the way.