Looking for a weekend trip where you can be outdoors all day and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities like kayaking, biking, hiking? How about a campfire and s’mores treats under a starry sky? Sounds like fun, but you are not so sure about the strenuous experience of backpacking. Well, then, you might want to try car camping.


If you’re looking for solitude in the wilderness and getting away from civilization for few days, backpacking is the answer for you. But for those who have never camped before and haven’t hiked much either, backpacking can be an real ordeal. By car camping instead, you can pack luxury into your car and drive right into a campsite without carrying heavy stuff on your back.


Here are a few useful tips for car camping newbies;

Find a campsite that suits best for you and your friends/family, get information about its amenities, nearby destinations, stores… and book it in advance since some sites are more popular than others.

The least thing you want during a road trip is having a car problem. Do maintenance checkup before you hit the road.

There is an upfront cost for any camping activity. Here are the essentials that you bring to your car camping trip. You will have more fun out there when you are prepared;

Three to four person tent and tent footprint
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
Multi-tool or knife
Lanterns and Flashlight (with extra batteries)
Folding table and folding chairs
Clothes - moisture wicking materials, extra sets, a set of warm cloth for weather change
Kitchen equip
Drinking water
Plastic Containers (to keep foods and kitchen equip)
Garbage bags
Toiletries (including toilet paper)
Insect repellent
First aid kit
Paper map
And some activity gears: hike boots, bike, kayak, swimsuit, fishing equip, cards, board game…


Following camp etiquette is important for your neighbors and your party to have a pleasant experience while in the campground: Be courteous to your neighbors, observe the quiet hours, leave your campsite cleaner than you found it…


Car camping is all about having fun time in the outdoors with friends and family. Share camping experience with our Camping Partner and double the fun!