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Welcome to LeisureClique

 LeisureClique is a social network to find leisure activities and find activity partners.


LeisureClique stands for one simple idea: connecting people who have similar interests in wholesome leisure activities. Join us to share your favorite leisure time activities and find activity partners in your area. We feature three leisure activities categories at this point: Recreational Sports, Outdoors, Fitness & Wellness. We will continue to expand our focus into additional areas that encourage healthy leisure activities and bring you the promise of new friends and a deeper enjoyment of life. From skydiving to photography to hiking to Zumba!


Our Activity Partners is sort of the town square of our website, where you and all other members meet, share, and find activity partners (e.g. running partner, golf partner, workout partner, tennis partner, paddle partner, cycling partner). For team sports enthusiasts, this is the place to find sports teams or find sports players.  And it has a breakthrough index so you can quickly find your specific leisure activities. You’ll discover comprehensive categories on Sports, Outdoors, and Fitness. This is an amazing place to spend leisure time, so join us, and make yourself known at our Activities and Friends Center.


In Groups, you can create your own group(s) or join our existing groups to meet activity partners in your areas and share the activities for leisure time.


Try our Events to find events that inspire and motivate your leisure time activities. If you are an event organizer in the field of sports, outdoors, or fitness, add your events at our Events page and target the right audience.


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Our Goals

Effectively serve sufficient communication tools


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Our Values

Proactively emphasize healthy communities.


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Our Efforts

Continually implement user friendly design.